Pt Mentorship / Affiliate Program - part 2 - BodyDevelopment - Personal Training Bath

Pt Mentorship / Affiliate Program – part 2

So to balance the Yang from the FIT class we looked at the Tai Chi short Broadsword routine.

We are always looking to create a balance in our training.

The Yin/Yang concept is something I’ve been sharing with other Pt’s for a number of years.

I’m particularly grateful to Neil Genge who I’ve been studying for more years than I can remember on all things Yin and Yang in Chinese martial arts.

The Pt’s always get a great deal from studying the chi gung, tai chi, and we shu routines, weapon forms and more we share with them on these courses and it helps them obtain a deeper understanding of grounding and the physical demands of these arts.

Below is their first run through of the broadsword form.

We practiced for 40 minutes.