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Body Development Gym is based in Bath. We help busy locals finally achieve their fitness goals through our wide range of classes and personal training.

We start by guiding you on how to train more effectively in order to get the most out of your time and effort.

We will help you select the right combination of classes according to your ability, your experience and your personal goals.

Our easy to follow approach will guide you on how to implement simple dietary and lifestyle changes with a straight forward rest and recovery strategy to enable you to get the results you are looking for.

Our Services


We have a wide range of signature classes to choose from that are designed to compliment one another. These offer variety and a diverse way of training that improves all areas of fitness and health. They are constantly evolving to help you see continuous progress.

Online Classes

Our Live and Online classes enable our members to effectively exercise from home, taking part in our most popular signature classes. We stream classes live from the gym that use minimal or no equipment that are available up to x5 times a day, everyday.

Personal Training 

Personal training allows you to be coached on a 1-2-1 basis. This means your trainer will be able to make sure you are completing the movements correctly and help you to achieve perfect form to help you get the best out of your classes. The sessions can be used to prepare you for classes if you're new to training or help you perfect your technique and performance. You'll be able to work on your personal goals and overcome any challenges you might have.

Senior Classes

We have a growing number of senior members who train twice a week in small groups of 6-8 at a time. The sessions are designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, fitness and create a sense of well being. The sessions are friendly, well planned and can be adapted to accommodate all levels.

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Our Classes


This is an upper and lower body conditioning class that uses a single set of dumbbells to develop tone, create subtle definition and strengthen the entire body.

Workouts 1 & 2 are designed to complement one another.

We typically perform multiple sets of x4 key exercises that target the whole body, which is then finished off with multiple sets of abdominals.

Suitable for all levels.


Another upper and lower body conditioning class using a single set of dumbbells and a swiss ball to develop tone, create subtle definition and strengthen the entire body.

The use of the swiss ball is a great way to incorporate some core strengthening into a full body workout. 

We typically perform multiple sets of x4 key exercises that target the whole body.

Suitable for all levels.  


Dedicated to training purely the upper body using dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.

It’s a fantastic way to strength and tone the entire upper body and is more suited to those with experience in high volume training (multiple sets).

During this session the instructor often joins in and sets repetition goals to get the most out of those taking part.

Expect to be pushed hard by the coach!

MET CON (Metabolic conditioning)

This is a total body HIIT class using a single 3kg medicine ball and your own body weight.

We typically use x8 exercises for 30 second intervals each and for a total of x4-6 rounds.

Some experience of HIIT is preferred but not always essential.

You will be expected to push yourself and be pushed during this session and burn a lot of calories in the process. 

MET CON - Strength

Another total body HIIT class that uses a set series of exercises such as slam ball clean and press, Inertia wave, medicine ball drills, kettlebell exercises plus the ski erg and the air bike.

The aim is achieve the highest volume of work possible within each interval.

Some experience of HIIT training is preferred but not essential.

You will be expected to push and be pushed during this session and burn a lot of calories in the process.


This class uses a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training.

The workout includes wide variations in running the step and on the spot, press ups, kettlebell squats, deadlifts and assisted dips, chins and ring rows.

We use our stall bars to provide assistance in the more challenging exercises such as the dips and chins which enables all abilities to take part.

A perfect way to improve your fitness, lose fat, burn calories and increase muscle tone.

Suitable for all levels.


Our very own 'boxing for fitness' class designed for fitness and fat loss using both shadow boxing and punch bags.

This one teaches you the basics of our regular ‘Punch Out’ class and enables you to become competent in throwing the jab, the cross, the upper cut and the foot work.

This workout also includes skipping, medicine ball and slip bag drills.

You'll get a great workout and rapidly grow confidence in your boxing ability.

Suitable for all levels.  


This is a more advanced and intense version of punch out foundation that requires learning and training more complex bag and pad work.

Suitable for those competent in Punch Out Foundation and prepared to work hard during their workouts.


This class provides a combination of long hold stretches, mobility & body weight exercises, plus Tai Chi, Qi Gong and swiss ball exercises.

Gentle strengthening exercises are included in ranges of movement not typically used in our other classes.

This is suitable for all levels and is a great way to improve your flexibility, mobility & strength whilst calming the nervous system.

A precursor to Stretch & Move Yang.


This is a challenging class that uses a combination of floor based body weight conditioning exercises, stretching, muscle activation work, plus swiss ball and stall bar exercises and is a step up from the ‘Yin’ version of the class.

The aim of the session is to development both strength and flexibility using movement and isometric holds which makes this workout a real challenge.

There is a strong gymnastic component to this class and we recommend mastering the Yin version of the class before attending.  


This is an advanced workout.

To take part you must be able to demonstrate that you can perform a minimum of x10 full press ups and be able to perform at least x1 full pull up.

Expect to be pushed through a series of body weight exercises using long isometric such as croc holds, pike holds, different balances, gymnastic ring work, handstands, cartwheels, a wide variety of press ups and more.

This will greatly develop strength but you must be strong in the basics before attending this one.

We recommend attending Stretch & Move Yang a number of times before attending.


This workout is for the more experienced and is designed to develop a higher level of strength, it involves training in pairs and is a step up from our upper/lower weights classes.

The workouts include the Romanian deadlift, back squats, full/assisted dips, full pull ups, landmine rotations, plus partner PNF stretching to complete the session.

The class takes place twice a week and requires a 3 month commitment where possible to experience a noticeable training effect.


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