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Body Development Personal Training Gym is based in Bath. We help busy locals finally achieve their fitness goals.

We start by guiding you to discover how to train, and how to get the most from your time and effort.

Our easy to follow approach will help guide you to implement simple dietary changes, and straightforward rest and recovery strategies to get the most from your training. 


To allow you to get the most from your time we have a wide variety of highly effective classes available for you.  

Our Services


There is over 16 types of classes to choose from with over 45 sessions available weekly.  Our classes are designed to compliment one another and offer a wide and divers way of training that improves all areas of fitness and health.  They are constantly evolving to help you see continuous progress.

Personal Training 

Personal training allows you to be coached on a 1-2-1 basis. This means your trainer will be able to make sure you are completing the movements correctly and help you to achieve perfect form to help you get the best out of your classes. The sessions can be used to prepare you for classes if you're new to training or help you perfect your technique and performance. You'll be able to work on your personal goals and overcome any challenges you might have.

Senior Classes

​We have a growing number of senior members who train twice a week in small groups of 6-8 at a time. The sessions are designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, fitness and create a sense of well being. The sessions are friendly, well planned and can be adapted to accommodate all levels.

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Our Classes

Body Development Intro Class

These classes are designed as introductory sessions for those new to BD. The sessions teach exercise techniques required for other classes and help you gain confidence using the equipment.

Weights & Conditioning

This is a full body session using weights and cardio, ideal for calorie burning and boosting metabolism.  You can work at your own level so you get a challenging training session every time.

Weights Lower Body

Lower body weight training classes are designed to target your lower body. The class is based upon the squat and the deadlift and requires experience in these particular lifts. The class is a great way to develop strength but its not for the faint hearted!

Weights Upper Body & Abs

Upper body weights & abs workouts target the chest, back, shoulders and abdominals to build strength and tone across your whole torso whilst sculpting your midsection at the same time.

Weights Upper/Arms

With upper & arms weights class we focus on building strength in your biceps, triceps and shoulders.  Ideal for increasing tone, definition and building arm strength.  

Weights Upper/Lower

Our upper & lower weights sessions are a great way to burn calories and sculpt the entire body.  Using a combination of equipment designed to build strength, increase tone and definition in both your upper and lower body.  

Weight Lifting Basics

This class is a great conditioning session that uses traditional weight lifting techniques.  It's an incredible way to build strength and power.  Experience is essential due to the nature of the lifts involved. This is one of our advanced class options.  â€‹

Bulgarian Bag Workout

Using bulgarian bags you can work your entire body and specific muscle groups.  Once you have mastered the movements you can work to your own level with a range of weighted bags. This provides a total body workout ideal for fat loss, fitness and strength. 


FIT sessions combine cardio vascular exercises like running, stepping, airbike or ski erg with body weight exercises such as the press up, squat and pull down. These sessions allow you to work to your own fitness levels and ability. These high energy sessions are ideal to burn fat, build strength and improve your cardiovascular conditioning or to improve your speed and strength as a runner.

Kettlebells and Clubs

Kettlebell and club workouts can add a new range of movements that will challenge you.  You will sweat as you complete a high volume of movements.  This will help you focus on muscles that will build full body strength and boost your metabolism.   

Punch Out

Our own boxing class based upon over 20 years of boxing coaching experience. Using various combinations on the bags and pads this class is intense and is guaranteed to give the best workout. Expect a big calorie burn and to feel a bit light headed afterwards!


Metabolic Conditioning classes use a variety of equipment for high intensity interval training (HIIT).  We typically use the air bike, prowler, battle ropes and the ski erg etc.
This is one of our toughest classes and it's recommended to try discuss with a member of the team before attending the the first to check its right for you.


Bootcamp classes use some of our more unusual pieces of equipment such as the indian clubs, slam balls, the sumtola and bulgarian bags to development strength in planes of movement not commonly used in other classes. Its a great class if you enjoy trying new things, coordinating new movements whilst getting a great workout at the same time.

Stretch & Move

This class takes the best parts of yoga and incorporates movements and stretches to help you improve flexibility, mobility and strength. This class is open to all levels and is a great way to prevent injuries from beginner to serious athlete.​

Stretch Circuit

A class suitable for all levels that allows you to relax and move through a series of stretches that are suited to your needs.  Ideal for increasing flexibility, general joint mobility and spinal movement.  


The Seniors classes are ideal for over 60's. We focus on increasing strength, flexibility, mobility, core strength and cardiovascular fitness, so that you can look and feel younger and more in control of your body.  

Tai Chi

A class purely dedicated to the practice of Tai Chi. Various forms are practiced that can involve the use of the fan, the sword and the flute. When the weather is fine we practice outdoors and often in the Royal Victoria Park.

Open Gym

Between 4pm and 6pm Monday-Friday, all of our members will have access to use the facility for their own training.

Places must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.


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