Cancellation Policy

  • Please read and sign the following terms and conditions related to class and membership cancellations.


    I understand that cancellations made within 90 minutes of the class starting carries a £4 fee and that this also applies to no shows.

    The cancellation fees apply to classes held at the gym and does not extend to the online classes.

    I agree to pay the £4.00 cancellation fee that requires settling within 7 days of the peak time class cancelled, either online or at the gym by card.


    I understand that if I wish to end my BD Inclusive membership a 4 week notice period from the next payment due is required and that I should provide written notice via email only.

    I understand that in the event of a declined direct debit membership payment, I agree to pay a £10 banking charge within 7 days of the declined payment along with the outstanding membership payment.

  • Our goal is to provide quality services to all our members in a timely manner. No-shows and cancellations inconvenience not only our staff but our other members as well. I have read, understood the Cancellation Policy.

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