May 12

Greg’s Incredible 40kg Fat Loss


We want to share one of our recent success stories…

Meet BD member Greg…

Since July 2019, Greg has reached a 40kg fat loss through consistency with a daily calorie goal and daily training with BD.

It would have been so easy to ‘fall off the wagon’ when we went into lockdown 8 weeks ago, but for Greg this provided further opportunity to focus in on his ongoing fat loss journey…

What’s the latest? 

In the last 7 weeks of lockdown, Greg has lost a further 7kg!! 

Thats 1 kg per week for 7 weeks!

He has achieved this through our daily live Met Con and FIT classes, walking, tracking both his calorie intake using myfitnesspal and his calorie output using a calorie counter watch. 

In order to drop this much body fat, we provided Greg with a daily calorie deficit appropriate for him and the amount of body fat that he needed to lose.

He has maintained this deficit through exercise and tracking his daily food consumption.    

But what has helped Greg the most during lockdown? Heres what he had to say…

‘The tracking is honestly a huge help right now, I couldn’t tell you the amount of times it’s stopped me reaching for the biscuits because I know I’ll be accountable the next morning, so sticking to one bad surplus day a week on average has kept me on track.’

There’s a further 10 kg to go for Greg and without a doubt he will achieve this. We agreed that it would take one year to complete the challenge of losing 50kg, which is a sensible and a fully achievable timeframe. 

Its important to be realistic when undertaking such a challenge and to complete the task slowly, which he has done and continues to do. 

We applaud you Greg for your commitment to yourself and we look forward to sharing your ongoing results with all of those following your incredible fat loss journey! 

Stay tuned.

Stay inspired.

There’s more to come from Greg! 


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