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The Body Development Mentorship 2021

Throughout 2021 a series of Level 1 Enhance Workshops are now available and coached exclusively by Tom Crudgington

Over the years Tom has been involved with coaching fitness professionals from many world leading brands.

Level 1 Enhance Workshops are designed exclusively for health and fitness professionals looking to greatly enhance their knowledge as a trainer and boost their revenue.

The workshops will provide the following…

  • The tried and tested systems used at Body Development
  • The methodology behind our signature classes
  • How to programme and coach efficiently and effectively
  • Develop your skills and exercise knowledge as a trainer
  • How to maximise your clients results and boost your income
  • Systems you can use immediately with your clients
  • Join a community of world class coaches

About Tom Crudgington

Tom has been involved in fitness and elite performance since 1990 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of those who work with him.

His background includes an in depth study of various martial arts including Thai Boxing, MMA and Karate which he has coached to international standard.

Tom is one of the few Level 4 Poliquin Certified trainers and has coached athletes to medal at European and World level. 

He began coaching trainers/fitness professionals in 2008 on the recommendation of the late Charles Poliquin and has successfully trained over 1000 trainers over the past 12 years on his BD Mentoring programme.

Tom has vast experience in working with general populations and has had great success with his physique transformations and rehabilitation work.

In addition to all of the above, Tom set up the highly successful Body Development Gym which was established in 2006 and has gained international recognition. A buzzing community gym for small group classes and personal training that has an exceptionally high standard of coaching & is renowned for its outstanding results.

Tom has presented to international visitors at BD, presented multiple times at Body Power, the Arnold Classic Australia, presented in Dubai, Spain, Ibiza plus many other fitness/ corporate events/conventions.

The levels of education and experience held by Tom fuses to make a truly unique coaching and training perspective, one that you won’t find anywhere else.

Listen to what some of Tom’s students have to say about their experience with the BD Mentorship…

Level 1 Enhance Workshops 2021

Body Composition Coaching & FIT

Saturday 30th January- 10am-5pm

Our methodology on individual and group body composition coaching, fitness testing and 2 phases of our FIT classes which can be used as a fitness test, class or as a Pt program.

You will use our Inbody scanner and personal case studies will be practiced on the day.

Weight Training

Saturday 27th February- 10am-5pm

Based around dumbbell, body weight and banded exercises, which can be coached in person or online, in individual or group settings.

3 programs are coached over the day with countless variables.

Punch Out

Saturday 27th March- 10am-5pm

Our boxing based fitness class, which has been used with general population and professional boxers. In-depth and hands on coaching based around simple to learn and apply technical information on how to use the Punch bag and slip bags, skipping rope and simple conditioning circuit.

Experience and passion is essential for this workshop as Tom will expect you to love this type of training if you want to enhance your coaching ability.

Clubs, Kettlebells & More.... an Exercise Library

Saturday 24th April- 10am-5pm

x4 practical sessions on there following…

  • BD X clubs and meel/heavy club swinging
  • Kettlebell basic to intermediate exercises
  • Bulgarian bag and paralletts
  • Our own Bootcamp class and how we tie everything together and structure progressions over time

Stretch & Move + Basic Callisthenics for General Population Clients.

Saturday 22nd May- 10am-5pm

In depth coaching on the stall bars and the accessories we use with them, also swiss ball and parallett exercises are coached alongside many progressive body weight exercises.

Program design is thoroughly discussed and practiced.

Yin Stretch, Qigong and an Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan

Saturday 26th June- 10am-5pm

Yin Stretch, Qigong and an introduction to Tai Chi Chuan.

Our Yin Stretch class, silk reeling exercises, a qigong form, a basic tai chi sword form and a hand form, all taught from the perspective of understanding a balance of the autonomic nervous system

  • Courses are filmed and you have access to the material for the duration of 2021
  • x6 places in person per course 
  • x4 places online per course
  • Investment for each course is £195

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