Terms and Conditions - Classes

Body Development is a members only gym.

To attend classes the appropriate membership needs to be purchased before attending any of the sessions both at the gym and online.

Classes at the gym must be booked 24 hours ahead of the session commencing

Cancellations for peak time classes that are made within 60 minutes of the class starting will carry a £4.00 cancellation fee. Charges will require settling within 7 days of the cancellation and are made either online or by card at the gym.

The appropriate membership contract time frame must be adhered to

Classes that are purchased as a month membership or as a package and are unused within the allocated time frame, cannot be rolled on to the following week/month. This applies to the 30 day trials

Memberships are paid for by direct debit or standing order on the 1st or the 15th of the month

Declined payments carry an £10 automatic fee

Cancellations within the contract time period that have not been agreed to will carry a £25 fee as an automatic charge to the account details on file.

We regret that we are unable to provide membership refunds

When cancelling a membership we require 4 weeks notice from your next payment due.

The gym closes for 5 days in May and again in August for our staff holiday and for 4 days at Christmas.

Tom and Karen accept no responsibility for damage or loss of personal items both within the gym or in the gym carpark.

Terms and Conditions - Personal Training

Personal training is purchased in blocks of 4 sessions a time

Sessions expire 4 weeks after purchase and must be used within this period.

Sessions cancelled with 24 hours of the session starting will be lost

Blocks of sessions must be purchased before the sessions are used.

Session length may vary according to individuals ability to train on the day.