Body Development Can Help You Feel Better in Yourself and Become Fitter and Stronger

Our mission is to help you finally achieve your health and fitness goals.

We created Body Development to become a centre for the community to discover and share our love for fitness, health and wellbeing.  We wanted to create somewhere that we could use our passion for fitness and a desire to positively impact those around us. We love nothing more than seeing our clients grow in confidence, get fitter and feel better about themselves.

We think your workout should be the best part of your day. We believe in making exercise enjoyable, with varied workouts and in a non-judgemental sociable atmosphere.

Body Development was created by Tom & Karen Crudgington, who have both had over 20 year careers in the fitness industry.

“We wanted to create a centre for the community to join together and learn about the many branches of physical culture and how it can positively affect your life.”

4 Reasons You Will Love Body Development


Simple and Effective

We keep things simple. We won’t ask you to do complicated workouts that will leave you stressed out, or ask you to follow crazy strict eating plans. We want you to get fit and in shape without all the stress.


Fast Results

Our sessions are short, sharp and effective making it easier to fit your exercise into your day and of course get the health and fitness results you want faster.



We hate boring workouts so we have created a wide variety of classes that cater for different fitness needs and interests. That way you can look forwards to your workout and get the most benefit from it.



We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have seen all the fads come and go. We believe in the basic principles of fitness and spend many hours developing our coaching, and learning new techniques. We want to make sure you have the best coaching available.

We Help Bath Residents Stay in Shape and Get Stronger, Feel Fitter and Happy About Their Bodies

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Here’s Some of Our Members Stories.

Liz Vowles

I joined BD because I had reached a milestone birthday and this gave me the jolt I needed. Having worked from home since 2000 I had gained weight and had become quite unfit, I knew I needed to do something sooner rather than later.

The coaches are all excellent, through their knowledge and guidance I settled into the BD family quickly, there's a variety of classes to be enjoyed all with mixed abilities and as a small group in each class you're encouraged to push to the best of your ability each time.

Karen, Tom & Ella take the time to get to know you through your attendance in class and you really are made to feel part of the family.

BD had helped me to become fitter and shed a few pounds in the process, so it really is a win win situation.

Having been a member for just over two years I have made attending classes part of my daily routine and because of this I feel much more mentally alert, healthier and most importantly I enjoy going, dare I say, I even look forward to it!

Making that initial step into Body Development and start the 30 day trial to begin my BD journey back in 2019 was one of the best things I've ever done. I haven't looked back!

Gill Newnham

Joining BD has been life changing for me. Of course I wish I had joined BD years ago! But, in terms of when I did have my first private PT session with Karen on 27 April 2018, it was absolutely perfect timing. It was nearly a year after surgery to my spine (slipped 3 disks a year before). I had tried to go to the gym, tried running and mostly tried eating and drinking too much! I could not even do one squat or a lunge! There was not much for Karen to work with but she was so encouraging.

Over the time I have been in Bath, I’ve been to several gyms. At BD I have always felt safe, well cared for and well supported, particularly as recovery from surgery is concerned. I’ve been pushed just enough to keep improving but not too much that I’m overwhelmed. The emphasis on form and positioning has been an eye opener! There’s such an amazing variety of classes. They are constantly changing and always challenging.

Since I first came through the doors in 2018, I’ve lost more than 20 kgs. I’m so much stronger and fitter than I have been in years. I have muscles in my legs I can actually feel! I’m stronger and fitter now at 57 than I have been in years. I’ve finally got the SkiErg timing right but I have not managed to get the Inertia Wave to sing yet and I still can’t do a flipping press up so those 2 are definitely my goals for 2019. Oh and dropping another 20kgs.

Molly Keel

Do I wish I'd joined sooner? Yes, by about 10 years. It would have saved me putting on 2 stone post having children and saved me joining and leaving a number of other gyms where nothing really clicked for me.

There are so many things that I love about BD. There is a huge variety of classes which are Constantly evolving so you never get bored. I've surprised myself by loving classes I'd never have tried before. The teaching is super Knowledgeable and I feel Karen, Tom and Limara know exactly how much to push, encourage and correct me. I love the small class sizes and feel accountable due to this, something you don't get with larger, more anonymous gyms. On top of the classes I find the tracking massively useful and a huge learning curve with my eating and I never go to the gym without someone making me smile or laugh out loud!

So far this year I've continued to improve my fitness but also to gain better form, I still have a long way to go but am really really enjoying it...something I didn't expect to say about joining a gym!

Clive Moxham

Yes I wish I had joined years ago,now at 66 find a family of gym buddies with great professional trainers all dedicated to getting thing right for all the individual needs for there customers.Having played rugby and football till I was 54 still found the need to keep fit and hopefully give me the best chance for a long active life with my family.