September 4

Tom Crudgington


I’ve been working in the fitness industry in some shape or form since 1990.

I’ve helped thousands of clients in that time to be fitter, slimmer, stronger, faster, more confident and in many cases achieve what they initially felt would be impossible for them.

I’ve also coached various athletes to compete at the highest level in amateur and professional sports such as boxing, MMA, athletics, rugby, football, golf, and winter sports.

My focus is on coaching my clients how to do what they want as effectively and efficiently as possible, and I have nearly 30 years of experience to help with that.

Since 2008 I’ve also been successfully mentoring other personal trainers, with them travelling from all over the UK, flying in from Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the States to visit our little gym in Bath.

I take pride in my work and live by the words “Challenge what you think you know daily”.


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