Karen Louise Crudgington

  With over 14 years of experience as a personal trainer, I think its fair to say that I love what I do! I train hard, work hard and practice what I preach. I have studied constantly throughout my career and continue to do so on my favorite subjects of fat loss, nutrition and group […]

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Tom Head Shot

Tom Crudgington

  I have been in the industry for about 25 years now. I still love what I do and am actively still involved in the day to day operations at Body Development. I have trained every type of client imaginable and I always do my utmost to deliver the best service possible. In the last […]

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Limara Brailsford

    My passion is coaching and helping clients understand more about the way in which they move. I particularly like coaching stretching methods, an interest I developed whilst as a youngster I used to join my dad, after his speed skating practice, in his stretching regime. I have developed the Stretch and Sculpt class […]

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