Saturday 19th May 10am – 4pm 

This course is not about doing a course to ‘make loads of money’, or wear the t-shirt like most of the rubbish littering the industry. 

This is about a day of truly focused learning and practical coaching. 

Only consider attending if you really want to coach boxing work to a highly structured level. 

If you don’t box or aren’t passionate about it, it’s probably not for you. 

Exclusive coaching day to learn how to 

1. Throw the 4 main punches and understand leverage, force development from the floor up and the origins of stances. 
2, Develop footwork drills
3, Bag and pad drills
4, Periodise training program over 4 x 12 week blocks. 
5, Learn assistance exercises to compliment the sessions and to develop strength in the necessary planes and joint angles.
6, Understand the “crosshairs” concept for head and body positioning

£99 per person

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No certificates, no t-shirts – just expert coaching and hard work 


AOM Mentorship

At Body Development we have been serving as a mentorship process for personal trainers since 2008.
Tom was advised by Charles Poliquin (Strength Sensei) to set up a programme after taking part in a number of Charles’s programs and hosting Charles in Bath for hypertrophy bootcamps, Biosignature courses and more…
Over the years, the mentorship has adapted to both the problems, the team routinely help PT’s solve and the way in which we best deliver the information.
We have had visitors from many of the top UK gyms such as-
Ultimate Performance
Gym Box
Various Crossfit Boxes
Optimal Strength
Lift the Bar
and more….
We have also delivered in house coaching workshops for KX and W10 and presented in Australia, Dubai and Spain.
We have presented at Body Power and LIW in 2015 and 2016 on numerous topics and have presented with the likes of Ben Pakulski on equipment design and innovation (see here for bars designed by Tom in association with Watson)
The program now aims to cover the following points –
BD full body weights program (all progressions and regressions)
BD Strength workouts (all progressions and regressions)
BD Punch Out – our ever popular Boxing based coaching with huge emphasis on understanding biomechanics and speed and power development
BD Stretch – the Yin to all the Yang, our take on applying Yoga practices with a heavy influence of Chi Gong thanks to our links with Neil Genge and the Songshan Kung Fu School
BD FIT – our Focused Interval Training class involving minimal space and equipment
BD METCON – our full body conditioning workout which is the perfect pre-season compliment for rugby and football and all sports involving rapid recovery and fast reactions.
BD Beach Body – our body sculpting weights based program for the aesthetically driven
BD Warrior – our martial arts program incorporating muay thai, kali, grappling, wushu and more….
Transformation programs
Also all PT programs used and why and how they are used.
The mentorship program follows our seasonal periodisation model and you are literally coached through the programs we are using day to day, week to week. You are taught how to adapt the programs to suit your client base and taught our method of client appraisal utilising the 3 priorities system.
Intakes are seasonal –
autumn – sept / oct / nov (Now Closed)
winter – dec / jan / feb  (Now Closed)
spring – march / april / may
summer – june / july / aug
and you will need to commit to a season at a time – we do not do single weekends.
everything is filmed and can be viewed on a live stream or after the event.
You will have access to the material to study at home, while you are on the program. 
We ask you attend at least 1 weekend out of 3 in person at BD hq
In order to qualify to coach any of our methods you will have to take the test specific to the course
eg to coach Punch Out you will have to coach a Punch Out class in front of the BD team and be approved to coach. 




March 24th/25th
April 28th/29th
May 19th/20th

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1 Day   Club – Meel – Mace  Training day.

25 years experience in practicing
10 years experience in coaching other coaches/Pt’s.

British military style, Persian and Indian methods demonstrated and taught.

Clubs available to buy on the day.

Calisthenics also taught to compliment.

21st April  10am – 5pm at Body Development in Bath.




Some of the subjects covered in the AOM mentorship program at Body Development

Biomechanics of the armsBiomechanics of the LegsBiomechanics of the TorsoFat Loss DefinedFemale Biomechanical ConsiderationsModified Strongman Training for Fat Loss
Defining HypertrophyHypertrophy Shock StrategiesTorso WorkoutsGBC; The Nuts & Bolts and Our VariationsFemale Fat loss Considerations; Practical ProgrammingBootcamp Class Structure & Delivery
Arms WorkoutsLeg workoutsAn Introduction to Gymnastic Rings & How to Sequence RoutinesPunch Out; Our Boxing Based HIIT ClassKettlebell & Bodyweight - 30/60/60/30Fat Loss Dietary Strategies & Programme Templates for Males & Females at Different Somotypes & Weights; Revisited
HIIT Basics and When to ImplementH llT Advanced WorkoutsFloor Flow ContinuationGymnastic Rings & Floor Drills RevisitedGymnastic Rings & Floor Drills RevisitedSoft Tissue Release Workshop; Revisited
The 2 Most Important Measurement Points for Tracking Fat Loss and Program AdaptationFloor Flow Work; Basic Gait Flow SequencesCroc & Pike Hold WorkshopFat Loss Dietary Strategies & Program Templates for Males & Females at Different Somotypes & WeightsEstrogen Detoxification; What Will Help Your Clients Most EffectivelyStretch and Sculpt: A "Take Home and Teach" Class
The Handstand; A Workshop From the Floor UpKettlebell IntroductionAmino Acid Significance for HypertrophyBasic Glucose MonitoringAccurately Measuring Body Composition; The Pros & Cons to ConsiderThoracic Considerations
Macronutrient Significance for HypertrophyMicronutrient Significance for HypertrophyIndian Club; RevisitedInsulin or Cortisol; A Discussion into the Relationship Between These 2 Keys and When to Change Program Prescription.Yin Yoga; Breathing & Basic Movement Feel

Stretch & Sculpt; Revisited
The Importance of BreathStretching the Lower Body; An In-Depth Workshop on Loaded and PNF Stretching PrinciplesSimple Soft Tissue Considerations & Releases; A Practical Led by the Physio TeamSeasonal Periodisation; A 48-week Block Approach to Client Programming for the General Population.Basic Chi Gung; Energy DevelopmentHeart Rate Tracking for Fat Loss & How to Help Clients
Indian Club; A Moving Meditation & More...Ginastica; Our ApplicationPoints of Intention and Position of Hexion; A ReviewAchieve Results with SSCThe Shoulder: Internal & External Range Assessment

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Body Development is a Bath based gym specialising in classes, personal training and educating fitness professionals.

Our team of trainers cater for all levels from the total beginner through to the more experienced trainee.